Emergency Evacuation Drill

Ever since the terrorist attack in the United States on 11 September 200, attention has been focussed on business continuity, the ability of a business or organisation to not only recover from the immediate effects of any emergency, but to be able to sustain itself in the short and longer term.  These are plans & procedures put in place to deal with the most strategicissues facing organisations in times of emergency or disaster.

Basic Life Support & First Aid Skills

This session focuses on various life threatening medical emergencies like bleeding injuries, fracture, heart attack, cardiac arrest, choking, stroke, reptile bites, transport hazards. The core area of the session would be to impart knowledge on how to perform CPR if there is no pulse and breathing in the scene survey and initial assessment.

Accident / Incident Investigation & RCA

This programme delivers knowledge about how the accident investigation is carried out by using GAIP analysis and how root cause could be found out.  Analysis on active and latent failures, theory on accident causation and witness interviewing technique are the part of the session. Analysing trends & patterns, reporting & recording will be the fulcrum of the session.

Mechanical Handling / Lifting Operation

Target audience for this session would be from companies those who are involved in mechanical handling in the areas like container terminals, warehousing and cargo handling and so on. Participants would be able to understand the appropriate load calculation, right method of hitch, optimum sling angle, interpretation of different terminologies, signalling and so on.


This is a part of process safety management (PSM).All the industrial machineries and processes do have failure modes and this is the methodology that suits to every industry to understand how these failure modes can be identified in advance, corrective actions implemented and accidents can be averted.

Basic fire safety

Global statistics reveal that one of the major causes of property and life damage is on account of occurrence of fire and its spread beyond control playing havoc due to lack of awareness. This programme revolves around inculcating knowledge to the participants on how fire starts, method of heat transfer, classification of different fire extinguishers and concludes with the practical knowledge on operation.

Chemical Handling & Spill Control

This programme is mainly designed for the team of people, who need to get reasonable exposure on hazards and occupational risks due to different chemical handling and how they can defend.  Session provides a horizontal exposure to all health and safety hazards that are work-related and conveys the significance of executing any job safely.

Confined space entry and usage of SCBA

Many workers were reported dead due to asphyxiation while entry into confined space. This session involves practical application on how to don breathing apparatus, how the toxic gas can be detected, role of AGT and required documentation. Target audience would be from oil & gas, chemical handling units and mining / construction

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment- HIRA

These are plans and procedures put in place to deal with the most strategic issues facing organisations. Part of the ISO standards provides technical support on how to carryout HIRA. Participants will be trained in the process of identifying and evaluating hazards and taking sensible measures to eliminate them. This imparts knowledge on how to assess the risks quantitatively after identifying the probable hazards and devising mitigation plan.

Manual & mechanical handling

Material handling seems to be very simple but many of the chronic disorders happen due to problems in this  - like muskulo skeletal disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration white finger, work related upper limb disorder.  This session imparts awareness on right method of material handling and what needs to be avoided

Defensive driving

ILO statistics reveal that 14 lives are lost every hour in India due to Road Traffic Accidents(RTA) and this is one of the major reasons for fatality across the globe. This could be avoided only by proactive measures and right attitude. Theoretical and practical session Inculcate awareness on basic driving culture, discipline, signals, attitudinal based approach to overcome hurdles.

Work at height

This accounts for more deaths than any other workplace activity and this situation is being addressed by the governments of many countries by the introduction of specific regulations.  Practical session that is being done will provide enormous confidence as this session thoroughly prepares people not only about safe method of working at height but also on Rescue from Height if an emergency strikes.

Behavioural Based Safety (BBS)

Many of the accident causation theory proves that top most cause of an accident could be due to any reason but the root cause entirely relies on attitude and behaviour of the worker. Conversely if behaviour is corrected accident will never happen. It must also be noted that anything that relies on individual discipline cannot be taken for granted. There is always a chance of complacence thereby paving a way to accident. Relationship between competence and supervision is also being explained for better understanding.

Awareness on Occupational Health & Safety

This session explains clearly the purpose of this topic in working environment.  How the acute and chronic ailments creates a problem while trying to overrule the control measures.  Exposure to different primary and secondary controls and how the hierarchy should be applied while devising controls.

Home Safety

This brief spell explains on how to be safe at home with pressure vessels, LPG & electricity. Other feature explains how to overcome the problems that are being faced by stranger in terms of child abuse.  Participants will also be taught on how to face medical emergencies like sudden choking, electrical shock, heart attack, heat burn and other eventualities that may happen at home.


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